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there are not too many things heavier than water nor more critical. if you are traveling on foot, you need a way to purify water instead of carrying it. i like filters the best, but the iodine or other pills can work and are light. remember you might not make it past 3 days without water.

- water filter
- purification tablets
- water containers
- water itself

see water related items to purchase in our store.
food is heavy and spoils. the best solution is freeze dried food from mountain house. it is light since it doesn't have water, just add water. pouches have a 7 year shelf life. buy a jetboil stove to heat up water fast.

- portable stove with fuel
- freeze dried food
- canned food
- snacks that need no preparation
- knife/fork/spoon
- jetboil flash personal cooking system
- mess kit
see food related items in our store.
it gets cold, it rains, the bugs won't let you sleep. you need shelter.
 - tent
- sleeping bag
- pancho


it is hard to do anything without light.
- flashlight with batteries
- crank flashlight

- lighter

lots of little things happen when we are outside of our little safe houses. big ones can happen too.
- medical kit with the standard stuff
- any of your prescription meds
- common meds like aspirin, allergy or stuff for colds/coughs
- celox and barrier bandages for major wounds that can kill


you need tools. expect the unexpected.

- multitool with all sorts of tools like can opener, pliers, wire cutter, etc.
- swiss army type knife
- knife
- duct tape
- ziplock bags

sog powerlock multi tool review

recently i had the opportunity to attend a wilderness survival class. the class rules limited what was allowed to be brought from a gear/ tools perspective. the gear was limited to a multitool and/ or a pocket knife. before attending the course, a friend of mine recommended to me that i purchase a multitool with a good saw if possible. so i shopped around and found the multitool that i would settle with; the sog paratool. it came highly recommended to me from a few other owners. the cross-cut saw was a deal sealer for me. as i went through the class it became evident that my purchase was a good one. from sawing down trees to build shelter, to using it as a makeshift fish scaler, the paratool very much proved its worth. i was able to build a stronger shelter because i was able to saw down larger plants/trees for support. i was amazed that after a good two days of extensive sawing, the blade never lost its edge. i now keep one in each glove compartment of my vehicles. you never know when you might need a tool such as this.it could be very handy during an emergency on a long road trip. i highly recommend this product!!!!

-- dave m. of dallas

information is super critical in emergencies.. otherwise you might bug out into more trouble!
 - hand crank radio
- scanner
- two way radio
- cell phone and crank charger

money is always good. try getting your buddy to drop you off somewhere far from home without any money and you get my point real quick.

- rolls of quarters and change for vending machines/payphones
- cash paper money for people who are still accepting it (don't expect to pop over to the atm machine)
- gold/silver/plantinum for money that isn't going to be worth nothing
- ammunition if things are really nuts. people seem to want it all of a sudden and it is a compact store of value.

miscellaneous items

- zip lock bags-- put everything in ziplock bags, you will use them for all sorts of things

- usb drive with important info
- hard drive with important info
- papers, house deed etc.

- knife
- pistol for defense
- pistol or rifle for shooting animals to eat











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